Paul Lindhard, Sculptor                          Art City Gardens

































At the corner of Rex and Dubbers, one half block West of Olive Street in "the Avenue" area of Ventura is our county's own version of Stonehenge. Art City owner Paul Lindhard began his artistic landscaping of the previously vacant lot with gigantic stones over a year ago, and the asthetic effect is phenomenal. Huge stone monolithes of various types of granite stand in a variety of formations, apparently defying gravity, as they tower above the observer. Although this magical landmark is just off Ventura Avenue, it has never been given an official name. However, most locals call it Art City Gardens.

The term Gardens has dual meanings in this case. Not only is it an incredible artistic rock assemblage, but local artists use the grounds to grow fruit trees and vegetables. It is also used for gatherings of local artists for a variety of reasons. The Garden is a perfect compliment to Art City Ventura, which is on Dubbers Street just a few feet from the Gardens. Art City is an amazing artists community that encompasses the open air studios of over 20 artists and master stone carvers. It is over an acre of extraordinary art work that is enchanting to see.

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